Mr. Geiwitz has over 30 years of hands-on experience in data architecture and integration architectures. Including data warehousing, data virtualization, operational data stores, data management, data integration, requirements gathering, application development, support and training. In addition, Mr. Geiwitz has several years of designing and implementing Data Virtualization solutions using Cisco Information Services (formerly Composite)


OS: Unix (Sun-Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), IBM/MVS, Red Hat Linux, Windows O/S


  • Composite Data Virtualization

  • Informatica (PowerMart/PowerCenter/Data Services) 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x 

  • Informatica IDQ 

  • Microsoft SSIS  

  • IBM DataStage 

  • ERWin 

  • Oracle Designer 2000 

  • SQL/Plus 

  • TOAD 

  • Microsoft Team Services 

  • Autosys job scheduling



  • Oracle 7, 8 & 9i, 10g (RAC), 11G, 12G 

  • Sybase

  • Microsoft SQL Server 


  • MS Access


Programming Languages

  • UNIX/Shell Scripting 

  • SQL 

  • TSQL 

  • PL/SQL


  • Hands-on involvement performing a technical review and comparison of Composite and Informatica Data Services including data caching, data masking, query optimization, and performance benchmarking.

  • Primary developer of ETL processes for a major web services provider.  Several data warehouse was created for each independent Web application.  The architecture utilized Informatica as the primary ETL Tool.

  • Hands-on involvement with requirements gathering, data migration, ETL development, data administration, data modeling, and database management, performance tuning and monitoring and Source-To-Target (STTM) Mapping documents

  • Primary ETL Architect of data warehouse implementations for several fortune 500 companies

  • Designed and implemented the data architecture for a large data migration from IBM mainframe to a distributed architecture

  • Participated in the implementation of a support organization required to support a Corporate Information Factory implementation; the tasks included hardware support software support, network support, help desk support, change control and configuration management

  • Managed the movement of 138 Oracle databases and applications from a data center in San Diego to a permanent data center in Colorado.  This was part of a larger effort to move the entire production data center from San Diego to Denver Colorado



The following is a short list of my experience.

U.S. Army                                                                                            
Senior Data Architect


The U.S. Army was unable to track recruit’s from when they signed up to Join the Army to when they were accepted into the Army.  This 18-month project consisted of gathering requirements, designing the underlying data architecture, mapping source-to-target requirements to load the reporting system, creating the reporting system database and loading it using SSIS.  All reporting was performed using Cognos reporting software. Mr. Geiwitz was responsible for performing all function except the Cognos reporting.


  • Part of 3-person team to assess the current reporting environment for U.S. Army recruiting.

  • Developed roadmap for implementing an integrated data warehouse for Army Recruiting Marketing Group.

  • Architected an integrated data model to support marketing efforts.

  • Architected the data flow from several source systems to an integrated data warehouse.

  • Documented and implemented Leading Practices for all data warehouse projects.

  • Documented ETL requirements for populating the integrated data warehouse.

  • Currently implementing marketing integrated data warehouse.

  • Design developed and implemented in SSIS the architected solution I designed.


Lead Informatica Architect & Developer


TransFirst is a credit card processing company that needed to be able to collect large amounts of individual credit card transactions.  This 8-month project included gathering requirements, designing the data architecture, mapping the source-to-target

 load process, creating the ETL programs required to load the data, validate the validity of the data to be loaded and created the Cognos reporting that TransFirst required. Mr. Geiwitz was responsible for performing all function required for gathering and loading all transaction data.



  • Assisted with requirements gathering for the data integration architecture

  • Designed and implemented the ETL server architecture

  • Installed and configured Informatica server components

  • Designed and documented ETL naming and development standards for project

  • Designed and documented the change control and security architecture for ETL development

  • Implemented an audit control architecture for the integration process

  • Designed, developed, and tested Informatica mappings and batch control processes



JM Family                                                                                           
Senior Data Architect

JM Family is the importer of all Toyota and Lexis auto’s in the south east region.  Their objective was to migrate packages off a mainframe to different packages in UNIX environments.  All packages needed to exchange data in a real time Service-oriented architecture (SOA) utilizing Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to do the message transferring. IBM MQ was used to que the transactions once they arrived at the target application.  This was all done through a datahub that utilized Informatica for pulling the mainframe data and loading to the datahub.  This 24-month project had two areas of responsibility that were performed by 2 separate people.  The hardware software implementation was handled by one of the people and Mr. Geiwitz was responsible for the Data Architecture and moving the data.  His team consisted of 10 developers.



  • Led data migration including large scale data consolidation and cleansing

  • Designed an Operational Data Store to support data sharing between the new applications and the remaining mainframe applications

  • Architected the data flow from several source systems to the Operational Data Store.

  • Created and documented Operational Data Store data model using near 3rd normal form modeling techniques

  • Designed and document the data flow from the Operational Data Store to the existing Data Warehouse

  • Assisted in documenting Leading Practices for future migration projects

  • Developed roadmap for implementing Data Governance in the new environment.


The Sports Authority                                                                                     

Lead ETL Specialist 

This project was the implementation of a loyalty program that required Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions to be able to apply points making the purchase to their loyalty number.  The actual loyalty software was handled by a third-party vendor but feeding data to the loyalty software was the responsibility of the ETL team.  Every night POS sales were downloaded and formatted into an XML format and fed to the loyalty software using WEB services software.  The status of the loyalty account was fed back to Sports Authority using a WEB service and loaded into a DB2 database for access in real time by the POS software.  Mr. Geiwitz led the ETL team that was responsible for moving data to and from the Loyalty application.

  • Documented the source-to-target mappings for extracting the data from the sources systems

  • This also included documenting any transformation, aggregations and/or conforming of the data

  • Unit and system tested all load processes

  • Performance tuned ETL processes running on a continuing basis which required execution in 10 second time frames.

  • Develop and test mappings that consumed and produced SOA messages that were loaded into the target tables

  • SOA message processing was required to run in near real time

  • Resolved performance issues to meet SLA requirements for each message

  • Extensive data analysis was required to resolve the most difficult of data problems

  • Provided production support for all processed developed for the Data Center Messaging program by several Informatica developers

  • Developed several UNIX KORN Shell scripts to support functions that were best performed outside of Informatica

  • Defined and created all scheduling jobs using an external job scheduler called Robot

  • Created and implements an Audit process for recording runtimes, batches and dynamic parameter file



Premiere Global Services                                                                    
Data Warehouse Architect/ETL developer


Premier Global Services was a Conference Call company who handled all of IBM conference calls.  The issue was that they could not report on data generated by the conference calls.  To resolve this issue, it was decided to implement a Data Warehouse in Oracle containing conference call transaction data.  Mr. Geiwitz was responsible for all aspects of the project from design to implementation.


  • Installed, configured and support Informatica 8.x.

  • Installed, configured and support Oracle 10g with Real Application Clusters

  • Designed and Implemented Opermart to support customer sales tracking and operational reporting.

  • Architect the data flow from several source systems to the Opermart.

  • Created and documented Opermart data model using star schema modeling techniques

  • Served as primary technical lead for their Informatica development.

  • Documented all Informatica mapping specifications for the application.

  • Developed all data mart mappings.

  • Provided training to Premiere Global Services employees on Informatica 7.1


LPL Financial                                                                                      
Composite Software Data Virtualization Specialist


LPL Financials did not have the time and budget to build a full Data Warehouse of financial transaction for reporting.  To resolve this issue, they utilized Virtual software that brought together data from many sources for reporting without storying the data.  Composite software was chosen for the virtual environment.  Mr. Geiwitz was responsible for designing and implementing the virtual environment.



  • Installed and Configured Composite Software

  • Configured Security that included column and row level security

  • Designed and implemented Virtual tables for internal financial system using Composite.  These tables included virtualizing tables from 8 separate Microsoft SQL Server Databases

  • Set up best practices for doing Data Virtualization on an ongoing basis at LPL

  • Converted several stored procedures to use Composite.  These stored procedures resulted in:

    • Web Service – For external customers access to their Data

    • Data Service – For internal processing and reporting

  • Performed performance tuning to reduce run times that included:

    • Caching the virtual tables for speed of retrieval

    • Using data shipment for speed of retrieval

    • Setting up SQL Server Bulk copy for speed of loading cached tables

  • Performed demonstrations on how to use Composite Software to the LPL employees

  • Performed production comparison between Composite and another Data Virtualization product


Janus Capital LLC                                                                              
Composite Software Data Virtualization Specialist/Informatica developer


Janus Capital did have a full Data Warehouse containing transaction data.  The issue was the backlog of work to be performed was six months to a year out impacting management need for data.   To resolve this issue, they utilized Virtual software that brought together data from many sources for reporting without storying the data.  Composite software was chosen for the virtual environment.  An environment was set up to provide rapid access to data for management until permanent solution is developed.  Mr. Geiwitz was responsible for designing and implementing the virtual environment.



  • Developed and implemented processes in order for Composite to better communicate to Autosys (External Scheduler) when failures occur when loading cache tables.

  • Developed Composite SQLScripts to do production monitoring of cache tables and report to Autosys when a failure occurred so that the Autosys job would fail also.

  • Designed and documented an interface between 3 sources and Salesforce.com using Composite Data Virtualization. 

  • Created Composite views and SQLScripts to integrate data from 3 sources to be a source of data into Salesforce.com.

  • Migrated all Composite objects from development to production.

  • Created production support documentation.

  • Designed and developed Informatica mappings to support a Cognos reporting environment.


First Data Corporation

Data warehouse architect, ETL specialist (Financial) 


Mr. Geiwitz played a major role in designing and implementing a data mart for several CFO’s and the CIO of FDC.  The objective of the data mart was to integrate key-business-indicators from several financial systems into a single corporate view.   His responsibilities included:

  • Requirements gathering

  • Establishing best practices for:

Data warehouse/data mart implementation

ETL Development using Informatica 5.0

Data modeling using Star Schema design

Metadata strategy

Migration of all applications from development to production

  • Provided training for FDC staff on developing and implementing data warehouse architectures

  • Designed and implemented an automated process for executing Informatica Sessions and Batches using UNIX KORN shell.  All sources were flat files and the automated process would recognize the existence of a file and execute the appropriate Informatica session or batch.

  • Define source-to-target translations along with ETL specifications.


Carnival Cruise Lines                                                                         
Senior Data Warehouse Architect/ETL Developer


A major source of revenue for Carnival Cruise Lines was the sale of shore excursions.  The problem was that those shore excursions could only be purchased while on the ship after it sails.  This impacted their ability to sell excursions prior to sailing so a WEB application needed to be implemented so that shore excursions could be purchased months in advance.  Mr. Geiwitz was responsible for designing and the collection, storage, and distribution of the purchased shore excursions.  He led a twelve-person team that implemented his design.



  • Designed and Implemented an Operational Data Store (ODS) and Data mart to support the WEB application for purchasing shore excursions

  • Architected the data flow from several source systems to the ODS

  • Created and documented ODS and Opermart data models

  • Primary technical lead for their Informatica development

  • Documented all Informatica mapping specifications for the application

  • Provided training to Carnival employees on Informatica 7.1



Senior Data and Integration Architect


The project at UCHealth was for the supply chain department.  They had built a report and data distribution application using Stored Procedures.  The stored procedures got so large they were unable to maintain or enhance them.  The decision was made to migrate all stored procedure functionality to utilize SSIS ETL technology.  They also need to move to a more flexible reporting database.  They decided to use a Datamart design.  Mr. Geiwitz was responsible for documenting the functionality that was contained in these stored procedures and move that functionality to SSIS packages.  He was also responsible for designing and implementing the new Datamart for reporting purposes.


  • Converted a SQL Server stored procedure-based reporting architecture to a SSIS Data Mart environment

  • Created source-to-target mappings (STTM) using an industry standard for documenting ETL transformation requirements.

  • Designed and implemented data mart using star schema dimensional modeling.

  • Designed developed and implemented over 100 SSIS packages to populate acquisition layer and presentation layer (data mart) databases.

  • Trained UCHealth employees in SSIS, team development services and database design



  • Oracle 8i

  • Informatica PowerMart/PowerCenter

  • DB2 Fundamentals & Database Administration Workshop

  • DB2 System Administration and Application Development

  • UNIX System administration

  • IMS database management

  • Sybase Performance and Tuning

  • Sybase Advanced System Administration

  • SQLServer Integrated Services 2008



Presentations at National and International Conferences:

Instructor for:

  • Data Warehouse Data Modeling – Key for Success

  • Data Warehousing for the DBA

  • Architecting the Data Warehouse

  • Managing the data warehouse


Speaking Engagements:

  • DCI – Data Warehouse Data Management (April 98, May 98, July 98)

  • ISI-Data Warehouse Symposium (Oct. 1997, Oct. 1998)


  • Co-wrote several technical white papers with Bill Inmon focusing on data warehouse implementations for:

    • PeopleSoft

    • Computer Associates

    • Unitree

    • Compaq

  • Contributor to several Data Warehousing books authored by Bill Inmon

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