About Us


Client Server Associates (CSA) and Roger Geiwitz are your cost effective, go-to resource for those tasks that are to small to hire full time contractors.  In 1994 I made the decision to go out on my own and opened CSA specializing in all the aspects of data integration, data architectures, data quality and data warehousing.  Since then I have participated in over 50 projects for many different companies always expanding my knowledge and expertise.

 I have been part of projects such as TransFirst in which a data warehouse was implemented from scratch in less than 6 months.  This was a major accomplishment for TransFirst, me and the other members of the team.

I was also a major player in designing and implementing a data warehouse for the U.S. Army.  This was an incredibly challenging project always requiring authorization from many ranking officers sometimes up to generals.  Even with these challenges myself and two other team members delivered a data warehouse containing all aspects of an Army recruit experience when enlisting in the Army.

Since the first days developing basic programs on a TRS-80 computer I knew that my ideal career was with computers.  Over the past 30 plus years I have specialized in data architectures and data integration.  This has allowed me to work with big names in the industry such as Bill Inmon and Claudia Imhoff. 

Now its time for me to get off the road but I cannot just quit and leave this industry altogether, so I am offering all my years of experience to you through the internet.  This will allow me to spend more time at home while still enjoying the profession that has been exceptionally good to me and my family. 

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to say a little about me.

Roger Geiwitz